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Consultation Process

Our consultation process is flexible and designed to meet the needs of our clients.  Consultation could be in-person, by telephone or by email. The terms of engagement with our clients are clearly defined in a retainer letter.

The retainer letter states the scope of the legal services to be provided by our Law Office and the professional fees for such legal services prior to the commencement of a matter.

Liquor Laws and Regulation
Liquor licensed establishments need to keep to the terms of their license to avoid breaches of the Liquor Control and Licensing Act (the Act). Protect your investment and  improve your due diligence procedures. Work proactively to avoid the closure of your licensed establishment and the attendant loss of revenue which may result from breaches of the Act. Our legal counsel with experience in liquor laws and regulation will work with you to ensure an efficient operation of your liquor licensed establishment. We specialize in:

  •  Liquor Consulting
  • Legal representation at enforcement hearings with the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch
  • Judicial review of enforcement hearing decisions
  • Developing due diligence process in liquor licensed establishments
  • Fostering voluntary compliance in liquor licensed establishments